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Best Flash Website Designs Ever Made

Flash websites were very much popular few years back but now a days after the recent change in technology people started forgetting flash. talk to people online Even Adobe stopped their support leaving thousands of flash developers stranded. Even thought new technologies like HTML5 have arrived, no one is able to replicate the most beautiful websites that were created once using flash. Lets see some of the most popular award winning flash website designs created of all time. I shall update this post with the best flash websites as i explore the internet search for unique website designs.

1. 2 Advanced :

Many might have heard about or already seen this website www.2advanced.com. This is the most inspiring flash design i have ever seen built by a team of passionate creatives and coders constantly on the search for challenges. They have even displayed some of their cool works. The website was awarded Best Flash Design title once. This website has been around for more than 6 years and no other website is as complex as 2 advanced both in design as well as code. Below i have attached a snapshot of 2 advanced.com. Go to their website and check them out for yourself. It might take some time to load due to heavy use of 3D images but its worth the time, Also enable your sound while browsing since they have lots of interactive sounds on their button elements.
The current design in 2advanced is actually a second version of their website. They previously had unique artistic matte flash design before. Personally both these designs are amazing. You really have to appreciate their team for doing such a wonderful job. I have attached a snapshot of their old design below. You can also see an archived version of the old version at http://v5.2a-archive.com/

2. Neo Stream :

Neostream is the next widely popular and most inspiring flash website. They have used a small alienated cute 3D character through out the website. This website is designed by a multimedia company launched in 1998. They have been improving the website releasing new versions often. Just by seeing their website we can know the creativity level of the people behind the site. They have brilliantly used the background sounds to match the character. I never get bored on seeing/playing with their animated character even after all these years. Check them out at www.neostream.com. I have attached a screenshot of their website below.

3. Infinity Art :

The next flash design website that we are going to see is www.infinityart.ro. This website is also designed by a team of creative art studio guys. The website is fully based on flash and its quite unique from all other type of design. Initially while browsing the website i thought that my LCD Screen of my laptop was failing, Soon i realized that its part of the design. The glitch in the television pattern is also very cool. Even though some people may not like this design as its quite disturbing to watch the content, but the design is very unique compared to all other design. Why don’t you go to their website and check it out for your self. I have also attached a screenshot below. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the screenshot, instead see the website in action.

I will keep on updating this post as i explore the internet searching for inspirational designs. In case you come across some really interesting cool flash website designs in the mean time, please feel free to post it in the comment section.