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Folding Bikes – Select the Best Gear System and Wheel Sizes

Folding bikes usually comes in three different wheel sizes. Famous brand of these bikes also comes in different dimensions of wheels ranging from 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, and even 26 inches. These dimensions offer a great impact on your riding experience at the same time gives you an easy way of carrying your folding bikes.

To make your folding bike selection process easy and simple, then here are some of the best gear system and wheel sizes you may choose from:

16 Inches Diameter Size of Wheel

This is compact and light when collapsed. This is also ideal for your public transport. However, there would always be a compromise for your riding comfort and compact size.  If compatibility is what you need, then this will be your great option.

20 Inches Diameter Size of Wheel

This folding bike offers big benefits when it comes to compactness and performance especially when folded. Bike having this size delivers efficient and comfortable riding experience. This also offers easiness of carrying this bike when folded.

24 and 26 Inches Diameter Size of Wheel

This is a normal folding bike size which can be efficient in its performance. Consider embracing the advantage of having this bike if you need to acquire both the style and looks every time you choose to bike around an area. This also comes at its folding availability which really catches the interest and attention of the buyers.

Multi-Gear or Single

When it comes to single gear folded bikes, these are the type of bikes that offers comfortable riding experience on different level track. This is also cheaper and can be easily maintained compared to other types of folded bikes. Multi-gear offers cycling process at its easy and convenient manner with various gears combinations. Such folded bikes require skills of technician for maintaining purposes. This is also a bit pricey compared to single gear folded bikes. Get into action by checking more of this at

When choosing folding bikes, taking into consideration the gear system and the wheel sizes are very important.  This is just to make sure that regrets will not be acquired at the end of the buying process.  The above-mentioned ones are only some of the common gear system and wheel sizes you need to take into consideration when purchasing folding bikes. Choosing any of these folding bikes sizes depends on your personal preferences. But, rest assures that whatever you choose, you could acquire the best biking experience you would never forget.

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